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NEET 2017,Application Process, Important Dates, Eligibility, Cut-off, Counselling

Sep, 2016

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Implementation of NEET is a big failure: Profiteering by Indian Private Medical Colleges put medical students career at stake

  This year Indian government created a big confusion on the implementation of NEET. Finally after the order of honourable Supreme Court and various ordinances/Bills (which involved lot of politics) passed by the Indian government, the following implementations were introduced reg...

NEET Counselling 2016 Process

As 2016 NEET medical admission process is about to over now and as per various judgement of courts, we have updated the medical admission process via NEET 2017 in this article. Please read it here - http://www.idreamcareer.com/blog/MBBS-admission-NEET-2017-process   NEET 2016 Counseling Pr...